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Monday, 5 February 2018

Doughnut Sale - thank you!

This is just a huge “thank you” to everyone at Blackfen School who came to my doughnut sale last week, or donated some money, in aid of ‘Bravery Bottles’.

The support I always get when I hold an event at school is phenomenal - the students just want the food; completely understandable and relatable from charity events that were held when I was in their position! But combined with the staff who know me, or know of me through mum, or who are interested and willing to learn more me/what I do, the final result is always one that makes a huge difference to the project.

It’s really hard to gauge the amount of food to bring to a fundraiser - especially at school. You can’t ever tell how many girls will turn up, how many will want to buy what you’re selling, how many students bring money to school, whether they’ll still be hungry after only just having their lunch etc etc but, in general, at the end of each 50 minute event, there’s very little that hasn’t sold, but that’s after I’ve sent my loud-mouthed, known by everyone, scary, bossy mum round to sell whatever is left at a discounted price!

When I was buying the doughnuts this time I was completely stumped by how many to buy; trying to guess how many teenage girls would be interested in buying £1 doughnuts on their lunch ‘hour’ is harder than you’d think.. I was trying to work out in my head how many, realistically, I’d sell. My estimate? 100. Reality? Closer to 1000! This sale was by far the quickest I’ve ever held. In less than 15 minutes, I’d completely sold out, leaving a queue of girls doughnut-less and disappointed, but the ‘Bravery Bottles’ fund up by £140 - an incredible amount raised. 

This fundraiser taught me a couple of valuable lessons: 1) Doughnuts are VERY popular, but 2) they sell out VERY fast. So, in the future, I’ll regularly be having ‘doughnut sales’, the only difference being that I make sure I’m armed with a lot more than 100 doughnuts!