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Friday, 9 February 2018

B.B. participant fundraising - Megan Whitehouse

Have got an extra special 'thank you' to make to Megan Whitehouse, who is a participant of Bravery Bottles, having multiple chronic illnesses herself. 

For the past couple of weeks, Megan has been selling 'names' for a 'Guess the name of the bear' challenge, all money raised in aid of Bravery Bottles. Megan chose the teddy and it’s name in advance (which only she and I knew!), and she came up with a list of 40 names; the real name obviously included in that list. After uploading photos of the bear (in its own wheelchair too!), she published the list of names, and sold each ‘name’ for 50p. Once all 40 names had been sold, Megan then announced the real name of the teddy - and the person who had paid for that name was the winner, and has been sent the bear & wheelchair as the prize.

Megan organised the fundraiser completely on her own, exclusively for the purpose of fundraising for the project. As the project has grown, it has needed increasing amounts of money invested into it. I’ve had so many generous donations on top of the couple of fundraising events that I’ve held - and I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped/donated in any way. However, the project is becoming more and more well-known, which means more people signing up to be part of it (which is incredible!). As a result though, the more people participating, the more money required - for stock, supplies, postage and shipping fees, awards, printing, admin fees etc., all essential to keep the project up and running, and running in the same way as when it was created; free of charge to any person, with any chronic illness, anywhere in the world.

It’s thanks to Megan, and other members who are in the process of holding/organising fundraising activities like this one, that the project has become as successful as it has. There are so many people who want to contribute to the project, but are simply too unwell to attend the events that I hold or to hold events themselves, so raising funds online through competitions and draws like Megan’s, means that more and more chronically ill people are able to sign up and benefit from a project that rewards the bravery they undoubtedly show, as a result of the challenges that come with having a lifelong illness.

Megan - thank you so much for your fundraising. You’re an asset to the project and I’m so grateful for organising and holding the event and for the money you raised as a result. Congratulations too to Alex - the winner. The bear’s name is Cookie, and I’m sure will be well looked after in its new home🙂